SuomiNet - Conus Map

SuomiNet - Conus Map

Current Precipitable Water Vapor - US



Comparison most recent GOES PWV image

Combined IR GOES and GPS PWV Amination - USA - Provided By Unidata

Combined IR GOES and GPS PWV Amination - Caribbean - Provided By Unidata

Map Plots of PWV Results
We display the current color contour PWV map based on our processing results. PWV is plotted in units of cm. You can also take a look at a near-real-time comparison GOES PWV image for the same area at The CIMSS Realtime GOES Page . The stations for which the wet delay was estimated in the last solution, shown as white squares on the map, are used to generate the contours (GMT routines are used to generate the maps.) Please note that for regions with sparse or no wet delay sites, the contour maps can contain incorrect values. When surface pressure and temperature are not available we use default pressure and temperature for the dry delay computation. These stations, shown by red squares are not used in generating the PWV map.

Dual frequency Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data can also be used to derive total electron content (TEC). These products are available from a number of groups including the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) .